Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How To Get Started With Digital Scrapbooking

Okay, hopefully this will all make sense and will be helpful to you.

Picking a Program
You first need to pick a program to use to create your layouts in. I am using Photoshop Elements 5.0. They
do have a 7.0, but it's quite a bit more expensive than the 5.0. At Amazon, you can buy the 5.0 for about $40.00. You may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere. Just shop around.

Getting Started
Once you've got the program
you wish to use, I went to Shabby Shoppe and went through her video tutorial on creating your first layout. You can download the kit she used and actually put together the same layout as she does while you go through the tutorial. It was helpful! Below is the layout I created using her tutorial.

Next thing I did was just kind of play around. That wasn't helping me much. I then discovered templates! I love templates and am currently using them for almost everything I do. This helped greatly and helped me to feel more confident in producing pages that looked great.

Getting Started with Templates
The first template layout I did was from Deedoos-digital-scrapbooking. You can download her kit and template and she then walks you through each step. This was very helpful in putting together the below page.
Now, if you go to Misty Cato Designs, she gives helpful tips to adding your pictures to your layouts, which I didn't discover until not long ago.

To find Templates, you can google Digital Scrapbooking Templates and just search around. Or you can visit Scrapping with IkeaGoddess. She posts links to Free kits, templates, quickpages, and more.

Helpful Websites
The following sites are helpful and have tutorials that may be useful:
Shabby Shoppe
Misty Cato Designs
The Sprague Lab

I'm sure there are more out there. I'll add to the list when I find new sites.

There you have it. I think that's about what I know up to this point. Not much, but we'll get there together! Enjoy and can't wait to see your layouts on your blogs once you get started!


Nicole said...

This site looks great! Great information too!

Ryan Anstett said...
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Tracy said...

Look at you go girl!!!!! You're kicking my butt! So...I get you into digi scrappin' and know I don't have time for it and you're just passing me right up :)

Have you learned anything about using brushes yet? I just don't have time to sit and play with them!

It looks great! Oh, and congrats on the Digi-Designs thing!