Friday, November 14, 2008


Okay, I need some serious help! Having only been in the digital scrapbooking world for a brief month and a half, I haven't the slightest clue with how to organize my kits, quick pages, templates, and even my layouts. Can anyone help me out here or point me in the right direction? I will surely be extremely thankful if you can!


Jewelle said...

A lot of people tell you to split them up by papers, elements, alphas, etc. However, I don't recommend that. Especially if you are the type of person who uses just one kit then keep them kits organized by designer. This is kinda what I do. It works great for me. If you want more details on how I organize them. E-mail me and I will send details.

Nicole said...

I have all my kits seperated by Designers. I have all my LOs posted in another folder called, get this, My LOs. lol.

I an organized person, but this still seems not very organized.

Let me know what you find out too. Thanks. :D

Tracy said...

I have ACDsee but I haven't gotten everything organized into it yet. My digi-friends (neighbors) tell me that once you get everything's fabulous. Here's a link for the ACDsee tutorial. Just click on the "ACDsee Photo Manager"...

Like I said, I haven't really used it yet, other than to categorize my stuff, but everyone I know that has it...loves it!

HollyinPA said...

So far I have things organized into different categories like Kits, Templates, DDBN, Alphabets, Word Art, Disney, etc. I try to do at least that. I am still having a hard time finding stuff, so please be sure to let us all know how tings work out.

I found a few hints on hummies site. Here's the direct link to her organization tips page

i started using Picassa from Google & it really can search in whatever files you want(I have it set up for my digi scrap & photos files) and it pulls up jpg, psd, etc. files only. Pretty cool.
One thing I learned from somewhere(I forget where) is to set up your downloads to go to a file on your desktop called "New Needs Extraction" & then set up a file in your digi file for "New Needs Organizing". Set up your UpZip program to unzip to that folder. After I get a few in that folder, I sort into the correct category. I now need to go back & weed out all the freebies I got those first few months!!! I have since learned to be WAY more selective about what I choose!
That's the extent of my organization! Sorry this is so ridiculously LONG!! LOL!
I'm curious to see what others do!

amber said...

Ok - first off - I'm a NUT about organization! Just ask my husband or anyone who has worked with me.. I LOVE to do it, talk about it, analyze it, everything! So I'm apologizing now for the length of this comment.. :D

Now - I LIVE by color.. My closet is organized by color, the family calendar has a color assigned to each person/group, I even like to keep my markers in their box according to color, so for ME that's the best way to organize my scrap stuff.. You'll need to adapt in whatever way suits you.

I try to make my layouts "match" the pictures in them - doesn't always work, but I try - so within my big "scrapbooking" folder, I have subfolders labeled warms, cools, neutrals, brights, pastels, bolds and seasonal (Christmas, Halloween, etc).. I would love to break it down into more specific genres - blues, greens, purples, etc, but since so many kits are more than just blue it doesn't work out that way... The brights, bolds and pastels folders are for kits that have a little of everything. For example, Anxiously Awaiting Classic would be pastel (duh), while AA Contemporary would be brights. Bolds is reserved for more of the primary colors - my Alphabet Soup kit, for example. I would also put any "neon" type colors in brights...

So those folders are for the papers or full kits - those that aren't broken up into separate downloads. Then there are folders for Elements, Alphas and Extras (word art, etc.) I just dump everything here. The reason I don't keep them as kits is because then I'm not limited to what I can pick from.. And it's less intimidating to open an "elements" folder with 100 files that I KNOW are elements than a "cools" folder containing 500 files that I need to sift through to find the elements out of each kit. Also, people are generally pretty good about naming their files, so if I want to look for elements that match a certain paper pack, I just need to look for their naming structure..

Also in the big scrapbooking folder are folders for templates, quick pages, photo tricks - masks, overlays, etc - and commercial use items (this one is also broken down into type of item). I also keep kits from designers that I CT for separate from the others by designating a "designer name" folder.

As far as layouts, I have it broken up into 3 main categories (within the big scrapbooking folder): Wedding, Ethan (my baby), everything else. Then of course within those folders I have all the PSD files and another folder called Images where the actual images are saved.. brilliant! ;) (I keep the images separate because it's easier to scan through and look at them if they're all together and not crowded with other types of files).

And I guess that's about it... Are your eyes bleeding from so much reading? ;) Anyway, if you want to talk more - and you can believe I will - feel free to email me.. But you're a smart lady - I'm sure you'll figure something out! The main thing is that you do it in a way that works for YOU!.. :D

Oh! I also keep everything zipped unless I'm currently working with it.. It saves time when I'm downloading, and it saves a little space on the computer (not much) too..

Have fun! :)

Brittney said...

Don't separate the kits!!! I did that at first and now I'm totally regretting it and going back and trying to piece them together. Not fun!! Other than that, I don't know how to do it lol! Let me know what you figure out.