Sunday, January 18, 2009

Speed Scrap and Other Ramblings

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on the Adoption word art! I'm glad you enjoyed it and will find it useful. I learned a lot by doing my first "freebie" and am hoping to do more in the future. So, stay tuned!

Friday afternoon I participated in my second speed scrap. Boy, was it challenging! It was pretty intense! But, I did it and finished in the time allotted! Woohoo!!

Here's the instructions we were given:

Step 1 - pick 3 pictures, only 1 of the 3 can have people in it.
Step 2 - pick any 7 papers; use 1 for your background and the others however you wish
Step 3 - Colorize your pictures; black/white, color overlay, etc...
Step 4 - Frame all your pictures
Step 5 - Use as many flowers and greenery as you wish. make a small cluster
Step 6 - Using only alpha make a BIG title for your layout
Step 7 - put a tab on your layout with the date on it. add any drop shadows and finish your layout. upload to a gallery or photobucket and then post your layout in the forum. you have 1 hour left to complete it. can't wait to see what you've done! thanks for playing!!

See what I mean, pretty intense! Finding the 3 pictures with only 1 with people in it started it off with a huge challenge. So, my layout is kind of stretch, but I didn't have many pictures to use that didn't have people in them. So, my new goal is to take more pictures of things around me and not just people.

Anyway, here's my layout:

Credits: Autumn Dream/A Work in Progress by Vicki

Happy Scrapping and come back for a new release from Digi-Designs by Nicole!

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