Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Speed Scrap Challenge #1

Exciting things are happening at the new Forum Nicole created just last week. You really need to rush on over to the forum and participate in this great forum. Lot's of things to do and lots of exciting prizes! Anyway, on to the latest announcement.......Speed Scrap #1.

Now, I've never participated in a speed scrap, so hopef
ully this will be my first. That is if the kids cooperate! I'm crossing my fingers!

This is what you'll get if you complete
the challenge! Isn't it so cute?!!!

Head over and sign up here to join Digi-Designs by Nicole Forum. You'll not regret it! Plus, if you're new to Speed Scraps like I am, on the forum are specific details on how it works! Hope to see you on Thursday!

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