Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YMCA Collab Charity Kit

Steph over at Scrappy Cocoa has teamed up with some marvelous women who have made this fabulous kit, YMCA.

The YMCA runs a annual fundraiser called Partners With Youth (PWY) every February. There goal this year is to earn $198,000. PWY funds programs for homeless youth, such as a weekend program where the kids can come in and shower, shave, get some clean clothes and just hang out. PWY also funds scholarships for low income families so they can send their kids to summer camp, retreats and even for YMCA memberships. They also have a new program that is an intervention for obese kids. The PWY fundraising campaign is run 100% by volunteers, so .95 of every dollar goes straight to the programs. You can choose to donate monthly (ei $10 a month) or a one time donation. Please join us in donating to this wonderful program! Thanks!

The YMCA kit is by donation and no donation is too small. You can donate via the paypal on Scrappy Cocoa's Blog, click here to run over to her blog. Or, you can fill out the pledge sheet which is included in the download and email it back to Steph to just get billed.

Here's a preview of this fun and bright kit:
Click on the preview to head over to Scrappy Cocoa's Blog

Here's the layout I made using this kit. It's also a quickpage. Go to previous post to download.

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Jewelle said...

Wow Kathy! I LOVE this page! I normally don't download quickpages, but I just might have to download this one. Did your little one have physical problems when she was younger?