Friday, March 20, 2009

Peace, Love, Happiness Sneak Peak

Wanted to give you all a sneak peak to my 2nd kit which will be released on Monday.

Peace, Love, Happiness

This kit was designed with my daughter, Lauren's help. She''s 11 year old and like, totally has a hippieish style that she's in love with! She's all about bright colors and always puts on everything she does the symbols for Peace, Love and Happiness. Hence the name of the kit. Can't wait to see what you all think! Check back Monday morning for the download of the papers!

Without further ado a little sneak......

Peace, Love, Happiness


Christie Dawn said...

that looks like an awesome kit!! :) Yay for your daughter helping you! :)

Ajila said...

Your sneak peak is awesome. I can' wait to see what you have for us. Leaving you some love.