Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speed Scrap

Yup, had a great time at the STS Speed Scrap last night. You should go HERE to see all the great layouts that were created using the same set of instructions. I always love to see everyone's interpretation of the instructions. So fun. Here's what the instructions were:

1. Choose 3 papers! 1-for Background 1- for matting and one additional
2. Choose one photo - only one and mat it with one of your papers. Photo should take up 1/4 -1/3 of your page
3. Create a shape of some sort out of your third piece of paper
4. Use 5 pieces of ribbon - (doesn't have to be 5 different types, just 5 pieces) and arrange them on your page
5. Choose one element and use it 4 times (recoloring i
s ok!)
6. Journal one line and shape it to your shaped 3rd paper
7. Add a title and Finishing touches, then upload it!!

Here's my layout I created from it:

If you missed this one, never fear, there is another one! Here's the information about it.

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