Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pre-School Valentine

I have been wracking my brain for a cute Valentine for my 3 year old to take to her pre-school class. I found a cute idea HERE at Family Fun Magazine where you take a play shovel and write on the end "I Dig You". Well, do you think I could find cute little shovels not attached to buckets? Of course not! Plus, what would I do with 18 buckets. What a pain it would be to haul all of those into her class! So, I ditched that idea and wandered around Wal-Mart looking for something different and fun to do for 18 pre-school kids. Then, I came across bubbles. Kids LOVE bubbles and I thought, I could make a cute little 4 x 6 print that says, "Valentine, you blow me away". I knew I had this most adorable scrap kit from Scraps by Jen and Stolen Moments (one of my all time favorite designers!), Play All Day. I also remembered that it had a bubble wand and bubbles in this kit. SCORE!! So, here's the finished product:

I'm going to put the bubbles in a cute Valentine zip lock bag with some fruit snacks and mini M&M's and the print will show on the backside of the bag. It's going to be so dang cute! At least in my mind it's adorable! :)

Anyway, here's a peak at the kit I used:
Click on the preview to snag this fun kit.


Jewelle said...

Totally stealing that idea for dance class! I needed something for a party favor. Thanks a bunch!

Ashley said...

This is hands-down the cutest idea I've seen yet! I'm so bummed I already have this year's done...definitely saving it to do next year! Wow, thanks for the stellar idea! :)

Jenn said...

Your card turned out SO stinkin' cute! I love this idea & might have to steal it for next year.