Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Home Evening Board Tutorial

Finally the steps on making your very own Family Home Evening Board. It's only taken me forever. Sorry about that!

Supplies Needed:

Paint, brush, glue stick, contact paper
or laminating sheets, decoupage,
MDF or Wood Board, 11x14 FHE Print

Step 1: Download the 11 x 14 FHE Print HERE. Open it up into a photo editing software (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, etc...).

Step 2: Add names and picture of your family members onto the tags and have developed as an 11 x 14 print from wherever you desire. I did mine at Costco for a whopping $2.99.

Step 3: Have a piece of wood cut to 15" x 7". I used MDF Board.

Step 4: Paint your board the color you desire using Acrylic Paint. I painted the whole top of my board not thinking that you wouldn't see the middle of the board. So, you really only need to paint in 1" all the way around the board, the sides, and the back if you want. Let dry and repeat if you need another coat of paint on it.

Step 5: While the paint is drying, laminate or use clear contact paper to cover your tags to make them more durable. I used contact paper.

Step 6: Punch holes in the designated are of each tag.

Step 7: Using an Elmer's Glue Stick, glue the Family Home Evening print onto your board. Then, using your paint brush and decoupage, paint a nice thin layer of the decoupage over the entire top surface of your board. I did the sides as well. It will look white, but will dry clear. Let dry 15-20 minutes or as instructed on the bottle of decoupage. Repeat 2-3 times so that you have a good thick protective covering on top of the board and print.

Step 8: Once your board is completely dry. Screw in your hooks below each assignment (prayer, song, scripture, etc....). I just used some cheap screw in hooks that I got from Wal-Mart for like $.97. The only problem with the kind I used is that it was a little harder to screw them in. Might be easier if you drill a small hole into the board and then screw them in.

Step 9: I bought some super strong magnets from my craft store and put onto the back of my board so it can hang on my refrigerator. But, you could drill a hole in each of the top corners and thread some ribbon through it so you can hang it on the wall, or you could put in a picture hanger on the back of the board to hang on the wall. Totally your preference.

Step 10: Finished!!

I LOVE my board and have had lots of compliments on it from people who have seen it! It has a few steps as part of the process, but it really didn't take long. Waiting for the paint and decoupage to dry was the longest part of the process. Other than that, super duper easy and dang cute if I do say so myself.

Holler if this doesn't make sense and you need additional instruction or clarification. Leave me a comment if this was helpful and or you plan on making one! Enjoy!


Jewelle said...

Such a good idea kathy. It turned out super cute. I might have to do this. My FHE board is very out of date, and I've wanted to redo it.

Hot Pink Pansy said...

Love this Kathy, I'm so doing this. Thanks for sharing.